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October 29, 2008

I’m Back

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I apologize for the long delay in posting to this blog. I had a very overdue report I needed to write for the BIA. The good news is that the report is now in their hands, so I’m back to blogging.

Over the next week I plan to post on Aniakchak art, research being done by my lab class, and new developments with the Hamline Village History project. Check back soon for this new stuff.

For now, I’ll just add some photographs of modern pectroglyphs and Inuksuit I took while walking along Artist’s Point in Grand Marais this last summer.

Grooves in bedrock made by glaciers, Artist's Point, Grand Marais, MN Modern Inuksuk, Artist's Point, Grand Marais, MN


  1.   JGordon — December 5, 2008 @ 11:06 am    


    Sorry, Bryan. You can’t just be gone for a year and expect your readers not to have found new, better archaeology blogs.

    Me? I’m totally into Professor Savage’s Neopaleoarchaeo Electrodiary now. (If you aren’t sure what those words are, that’s okay—professor Savage is really up with what us kids are into these days, but it’s impossible for *everyone* to live on the cutting edge.)

    Prof Savage is sort of like Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones owned a motorcycle and wrote books of clever essays.

    I’d give you the web address… but I’m not sure you’d fit in.

    But still, keep at “Old Dirt,” and maybe someday you’ll win back some readers.

    Your pal,


  2.   Brian — December 5, 2008 @ 1:53 pm    

    Hey Yawning Johnny, “Neo-Paleo-Archaeology” sounds just like the kind of subject that would attract a sophisticated thinker like yourself. Maybe I’ll write a diary about my pre-post-modern hermeneutical critique of former student blogisphere commentary and the poetics of retroactive grade deflation. Maybe then I could win back some of the more discerning readers like yourself. Yeah, that’s just what I need in my life right now.

  3.   JGordon — December 5, 2008 @ 3:14 pm    

    Fine. You saw through professor Savage like the Dorothy and Great and Terrible Oz.

    But I’m not afraid of you. My graduation certificate is safe from your meddling. I hesitate to use the word “diploma,” seeing as how mine was printed on the back of a Ginko Coffee House gift certificate. But, oh, the things that certificate has gotten me. (Mostly coffee.)

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